Reflexology is a form of massage therapy that many people believe can cure or alleviate physical ailments. While reflexology is commonly associated with the feet, it is also practiced on the hands. In reflexology, each body part or organ corresponds to an pressure-sensitive area on the hands and feet. Applying pressure and massage to these areas can promote relaxation and healing throughout the body. Here are seven reflexology tips to provide relief for the most common ailments:

1. Relieve Sinus Congestion

During the winter, especially, many of us suffer from sinus congestion and upper respiratory problems. It is possible to relieve sinus pain or congestion with a simple reflexology technique. Simply put pressure on the tip of the big toe, regularly and repeatedly. Then you should administer gentle massage on all the toes of each foot, pressing at the tip.

2. Alleviate Neck Pain

Who hasn't awakened in the morning with a pain in the neck? This annoying discomfort can be the result of tension, stress, injury or sleeping in the wrong position during the night. Whatever the cause, you can lessen or eliminate neck pain with reflexology by massaging the outer edge of your big thumb. To obtain the best results, stimulate the entire thumb, including the part that connects to the palm of your hand. Then you should work your way back up to the thumb's outer edge.

3. Improve Digestion

For digestive disorders such as intestinal cramps, bloating or heartburn, reflexology massage on the arch of the foot may help. Gently extend your foot and rub the arch for as long as necessary. Repeat as needed.

4. Lessen Eye Fatigue and Eye Strain

Eye problems are treated by a massage of the area located under the foot just beneath the toes. Reflexology is effective for eyestrain and other vision problems because they often result from tension. A direct way to treat the eye reflexes is at the bottom of the toes, without including the big toe, where eye reflexes are harder to locate.

5. Reduce Shoulder Pain

If the shoulders are a source of discomfort, exert repeated pressure on the outside edge of both feet in the region just beneath the little toe. This application of pressure should be effective. If your shoulder pain is actually referred back pain, stimulation of the inside edge of the foot may prove effective.

6. Ease Menstrual Pain

For women, the pain associated with the menstrual cycle can be alleviated by massage on the heel of both feet, each of which corresponds to the reproductive organs. In the case of kidney pain, the arch in the center of the foot can be stimulated to bring rapid relief.

7. Optimize with Massage Oils

A little reflexology trick to optimize these massages is the use of botanical massage oils. These oils are recommended to enhance relaxation and encourage the flow of energy. Reflexologists recommend using massage oils containing cloves, cinnamon and cedar.